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October 2006

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Friends Only

Sorry, this journal is protected by the Fidelius Charm. Leave a comment and the Secret Keeper will tell you where to find it.


Hi, :)


This is Celestial Melody from MuggleNet Beta Boards. I've been thinking about getting an LJ, but never decided to do so until I got your PM. =)

So, anyway, here I am. Hope to talk to you soon. If you ever need to talk, you remember what I said before. =)



Re: Hi, :)

I friended you. I also read your bio, and we have a lot of things in common. Anyway, hope to talk to you soon. *huggles back*
Lurid, aka Steph :)

I'm strange. A little kooky :)

Consider yourself friended. ; P And don't worry, I'm strange too. : D
Ritta! *huggles*

Do you give the secret to strange fantastical beasts such as mooncalves?
Of course mooncalves may get the secret! (Especially turnipy ones. ; P)
Your 'friends only' post is extremely clever.
This is just_the_contrary/Jenn from the beta boards. May I request the Secret Keeper's precious secret?
Hehe, I'm glad you thought it was clever. And yes, I'll share the secret with you. ; )
Hello! I know you! And You know me! Me is Emma! Black Roses from MNFF! Can Emma know your secret? Emma likes secrets.... Do you tell your secret to evil black flowers as well?

Hello! Yes, you may know the secret. *friends you*



Chrissy! Where are you? I miss you!


Re: Boo!

Eep, I'm sorry. I'm still having problems with my computer. *curses pop-ups* I've tried to post a few times, but it always got deleted when a pop-up came up and killed everything. If the problem is fixable, I should be back full time by Tuesday. *hugs*
-Apparates in-

Ano sa, ano.... aa, my friend told me about this journal having Loveless things on it or something... and I'm always up for new friends! I love the 'protected by Fidelius Charm' Very clever.


Well, I actually don't post much about anime and manga, cos no one on my f-list really cares. >.< But if you'd be interested, then I'd be glad to start. I don't know that I'll post much Loveless related stuff, (I adore the series, but I don't write fanfic for it or anything) but I might post Naruto stuff occasionally (working on two fanfics right now).
^_^ That works for me! And you clearly like HP, so ^_^
*hugs new friend*

And oh, were you looking for the link I gave to Annie? It's http://shoku-dan.org/index.php and then you go to the "Downloads" section.
YAY! That's exactly what I was looking for! -glomps- Thanks! I couldn't figure out how to work it. And now it appears to be working, so thank you!
Hee, no problem. Glad I could help. ^_^